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With their new album, Ra Ra Riot present a number of songs that would appeal to the sweaty ears of many runners. (I am aware that it is the brain, not the ears, that is responsible for the perception of music, but I'm unsure of whether or not it is possible for the brain to sweat. Probably not.)

This is a synth-pop album, and title track Beta Love possesses one of those choruses that urge your heart to sing along, and a beat that will inject any reluctant set of legs with a shot of enthusiasm. Also of note is the track Binary Mind which stands out from the rest of the album due to its elevated tempo.

Artist: The Joy Formidable Song Title: This Ladder is Ours Length: 5:11

Genre: Rock/Indie

The intro to This Ladder Is Ours will provide your eardrums with a break from the percussive thumping that typically accompanies running music. When the beat does arrive it brings with it loud guitars, a couple of unanticipated but pleasant and thus permitted party guests.

I'd like to think that this song was written about a neighbourly dispute concerning a set of red ladders, though it is likely that deeper meaning exists, unfortunately. And it is for that reason that I instruct you not take these lyrics literally 'let's take this walk it's long overdue, let's sit and talk and slow things down.' Just ignore her and run faster.

Artist: Everything Everything Song Title: Kemosabe Length: 3:43

Genre: Indie/Alternative

Big tune. Though I predict this song will become bloody annoying in the not so distant future, as every song that is persistently advertised prior to watching a YouTube video naturally will do. It's also on TV. For now, let's just exploit Kemosabe for its mood enhancing capabilities, which make this a great running song.

Artist: Gallops Song Title: Hongliday Length: 6:17

Genre: Rock

You could not wish to see a more suitably named artist than GALLOPS as you scroll through your running playlist, and fortunately the band produces wonderful music to match. Music for horses.

Artist: Zoo Brazil (feat. Philip) Song Title: Glass Length: 7:29

Genre: Electronic

Length of track does not equate to value for money. But this is seven minutes and twenty nine seconds of listenable, beat driven music... for eighty nine pence.

Artist: Bipolair Song Title: Corrosion Length: 6:39

Genre: Electronic

BIPOLAIR are a French duo from Lyon. Corrosion is released on EP Futur Is Analog, and will definitely find its way onto my next running playlist. It's a secret weapon.

Artist: Toro Y Moi Song Title: Say That Length: 4:44

Genre: Electronic/Indie/Alternative

It's a shame that you cannot watch the video for Say That while out running, a crying shame indeed it is. Find the video on YouTube, and please enjoy.

Artist: Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory Song Title: Photon Length: 4:42

Genre: Electronic

Training to the sound of bells will only intensify the status that running holds as a religious act.

Artist: Dutch Uncles Song Title: Godboy Length: 4:37

Genre: Indie/Alternative

I first heard DUTCH UNCLES when they played as support act to BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB in Manchester a few years ago. I was impressed with the work and progress of such a youthful looking band. If you have any kind of concerns pertaining to where and how you can utilize young killer songs, you can call us at the web site. Godboy is released on their new album Out Of Touch In The Wild and manages to capture an abundance of pubescent energy.

Artist: Callers Song Title: Your Finest Length: 3:27

Genre Indie/Alternative

This song will not be coming to a gym near you any time soon. CALLERS have a sound that should appeal to those runners who despise the noise heard during aerobics classes. Your Finest consists of valuable rhythm and some super sexy vocals, which is more than enough to ignite a few strands of motivation.

Album Of The Week

Artist: Various Title: Tzinah Transparent Length: 1:28:17

Genre: Electronic

Here's a thought... Imagine revealing to your friends that this week you have been training to an underground Romanian house music album. You are instantly elevated up the cool list, climbing past the girl with the purple hair and soaring above the guy purchasing Dr. Dre's latest headphones. If that hasn't made you take any notice of this album then maybe you and I don't share the same values.

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