Mercedes, the Legendary Archer Elf Gets Here to MapleStory M.

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Starting today, Mercedes, the legendary dual-wielding Bowgun archer elf, is the latest readily available course to players. As one of the heroes who secured the Black Mage away, Mercedes is agile, and becomes more powerful as her fancy combinations stack on each various other.

The very prepared for Development Dungeon has also been included enabling gamers to customize as well as play based on their personality progression demands. Additionally, course balancing for Bow Master and also Dawn Warrior have actually been adjusted in addition to Guild Reception EXP harmonizing.

In event of the brand-new Mercedes course, all gamers will obtain the Mercedes Update Box and "TripleDillo Pets" from now till April 4. Here's more information about Secure maple story mobile mesos take a look at our web site. The Mercedes Update Box consists of a Character Port Promo Code, Auto-Battle Cost Ticket, as well as Epic/Mysterious Defense as well as Armor Whetstone.

Added events available beginning today, include:.

Mercedes Burning Event - Till April 24, Mercedes characters in between degree 3 to 75 will be offered 2 perk levels each time they level up, for a total of 3 levels increased.

Mercedes Development Assistance Event - Until April 24, newly produced Mercedes personalities who reach a particular degree will obtain a special Development Assistance Box. Support Box products consist of "Sylvidia" Riding Animal, Leader of Elves Medal, Elven Throne Chair, and also added things required for character growth.

Deal With Pink Bean Event - Till April 25, a card-matching video game where gamers have to discover identical cards to obtain EXP and progress Pink Bean will certainly be offered. Depending Upon Pink Bean's growth, Pink Bean themed-rewards such as Pink Bean's Friend Medal, Pink's BlessingTitle, as well as extra will certainly be dispersed.

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