Dealing With Secondary Infertility

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One of the difficulties that modern day women face is becoming pregnant the second time. Most research indicates that waiting for the age of 30 to have your first child is the major cause of difficulty in becoming pregnant. Many modern day women, inspired by the stories of how elderly women at the age 40s and 50s became pregnant, misunderstand the body's recovery cycle after childbirth. Although your body may be ready ovulating within six months of delivery, it takes up to 18 months for a women body to get back to normal. Age is just one of the causes of secondary infertility, others being poor diet, excess weight, surgery, medication, stress etc. However, before you go to a medical doctor asking for help there are a few factors that can help you become pregnant without any medical intervention.

Healthy diet: If you are trying to become pregnant again, the first thing you should ensure is that you have proper nutrition. From your first delivery to the end of breast-feeding and beyond, your body needs proper nutrition to rebuild itself to a state where it can be ready to conceive again. Most modern day parents, between their home, work and the baby, forget to take proper care of themselves. Studies indicate that up to a third of women do not consume adequate iron in their diet, about the same percentage do not consume enough calcium, both of which are essential to rebuild your body after childbirth. Thus, having foods that are rich in iron, calcium and other minerals will be the key if you want to become pregnant again anytime soon.

Stress: Another factor that most modern day women overlook is stress. Recovering from childbirth, maintaining a job or your house or both can be very stressful. As the level of stress builds up, it automatically reduces the recovering process of your body, and thus reducing changes of becoming pregnant. Try to enjoy the time with your baby, and stay calm at work. A stress free lifestyle is what you are looking for if you want to become pregnant again soon.

New mom syndrome: Most new mothers today have to sprint between taking care of their baby, their home and their jobs, constantly jumping from places to places with inadequate rest. These rest-deprived mothers usually try to boost up their energy with a quick snack with foods containing high sugar or carbohydrate. Such food although is a good source of energy reduces the amount of minerals in the body especially zinc. So if you are trying to become pregnant try to keep away from these junk food and switch to sometime more nutritious. Breaking up your food requirement into 4 or 5 meals will help you maintain a steady energy.

Regular exercise: Whether you are trying to become pregnant, or recover from childbirth, regular workout of at least 30 minutes a day 3 days a week will tone up your body. Regular workout also enables to increase the metabolism of your body hence helping it to build and recover faster. It will also give you the confidence in body and mind that you will need to become pregnant again.

Medication: If you are under some medication and finding it difficult to become pregnant, you may want to talk to your doctor about changing the prescription. Many drugs intervene with the pregnancy process and make it difficult for individual taking those drugs difficult to become pregnant. However, this is not the case for every drugs. To be sure consult your doctor about the medication you are having and its side effects.

Make love frequently to become pregnant: Pregnancy and childbirth reduces the intensity of sex among most couples. As the number of times you have sex with your partner increases so does your chances of becoming pregnant. With your first child either breastfeeding or as infant, you may find it difficult to schedule a time in the day to make you, you should consider more unconventional approach and make love in every opportunity you get. This will not only spice up your love life, invierta 1 minuto con este video but also increase your chances of becoming pregnant again.

Stop trying too hard to become pregnant: Most women in the 30s worry so much about conceiving that they subconsciously hold themselves back from becoming pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural process and even though there are theories on ovulation and fertilization process and timing, it is best to leave it to nature and enjoy every steps of becoming pregnant.

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