Choosing The Right Buck Knives

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Buck Knives - How to Choose the Right One

Prior to purchasing the perfect Buck hunting knife, there are various factors that you need to consider. Buck knives come in wide varieties of choices and so it is important to choose the right knife depending on the type of hunting that you do.

Folding knives or fixed blade knives?

The first thing you have to consider while buying Buck knives is whether you need a folding knife or a fixed blade knife. Folding knives have the advantage of being safe and convenient. You can fold the knife blades into the handle when you are not using the knife. These knives can be carried around in pockets and can be used for purposes other than hunting as well.

Fixed Buck knives have blades that remain permanently open. These knives have to be carried in protect sheaths in order to avoid accidents. These knives are designed in such a manner that its blades extend all the way to the handle. Because of this design, they are much stronger and durable when compared to the folding knives. These features make them well suited tools for people who are very enthusiastic about hunting.

Blade designs

After you've decided on what type of blade you want to buy, it's time to select the right blade for your needs. The durability of a knife largely depends on the quality of its blades. Buck knives are made from strong stainless steel. There are three main types of blade designs and they are

• Drop point knives - These knives have a strong curved blade with a well-defined point, allowing the easy skinning of the game without damaging the meat. They are suited for performing heavier tasks and are most preferred by serious hunters.

• Clip point knives - These knives are thinner than the drop point knives and can be used for other general purposes as well. This is a better choice for the occasional hunters.

• Skinning knives - Although these knives are designed specifically for skinning the animal, they are often used for other game cleaning tasks too. The thin, curved and high swept blades of these knives help to remove the skin from the meat with minimal effort and without damaging the meat.

Apart from the above mentioned blade designs, Buck knives also provides different blade features such as

Serrated Blade blades - These blades feature a semi-saw on the cutting edge, making it useful for vigorous cutting actions like cutting cords or cables.

• Non-serrated blades - These blades have a superior initial sharpness that allows the user to obtain and clean and precise cut.

• Partially serrated blades - These blades are ideal for obtaining aggressive and precise cutting action.

• Gutting or skinning hook - This is an ideal tool for field dressing game.

Other considerations

The material of the knife and knife handles are two other factors that has to be considered while choosing a good quality Buck hunting knife. When it comes to Buck knife handles, there are numerous options. The most important thing to make sure is that the handle is comfortable for you to hold. The materials that go into the making of a knife should provide edge retention and good resistance to rust. Purchasing a knife made with the right material ensures that your knife lasts for a lifetime.


Man has been using knives ever since time immemorial. As technology advanced, this simple tool also has improved and nowadays you can find knives in various shapes, sizes, colors and functions. Buck knives are considered to be the number one name in the knife manufacturing industry, developing limitless varieties of good quality and long lasting knives. These knives keep selling because they are strong and can withstand everyday rough use. Whether you are a serious hunter or an occasional hunter, the buck knives are an excellent choice to add to your hunting gear.

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